Hiking the Vienna Alps via the world's oldest mountain railway in Semmering

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All seasons 10km hike Train Full day

Alpine forests, a world heritage railway and gorgeous views!

On this visit to the Austrian alps from Vienna, we’ll walk the route of the world’s first mountain railway, the UNESCO listed ‘Semmeringbahn’, completed in 1854. Breathe alpine fresh mountain air and take in soulful views & wondrous feats of human engineering in Lower Austria’s highest region. Suitable for railway, nature & hiking enthusiasts alike, our tour gets you out of Vienna and into the wild. So come and join us in the Vienna Alps for a gentle exploration of the Semmering mountains and its beautiful landscapes. If you prefer to have some wine as a reward after your Vienna hiking exploits, then consider our Vienna Woods Hiking & Wine Tour instead 😉

Guided alpine hike through the Semmering mountains

Let us guide you safely through the hills, mountains and forests - no organisation, stress, nor clock watching required. Disengage your brain and plug into nature instead!

Breathtaking scenery & photo opportunities!

From beautiful alpine vistas to marvellous viaducts and bridges intricately woven into the mountain landscape. The Semmering Railway is a photographer's dream and the best place to go hiking near Vienna.

Day trip to the Austrian Alps from Vienna

Visiting Austrian and not seeing the alps would be a great shame, not least because they makes such a large part of this alpine nation. That's why we've made it easy to see them in a day from Vienna.


Private Semmering Hiking Tour
Private group bookings
  • Approx 4hr alpine forest hike along the route of world's oldest mountain railway - the UNESCO listed Semmeringbahn
  • Private tours taken entirely at your group's pace & options for different start/end times
  • Accompanied by a dedicated native english-speaking guide
  • Be active and stay in shape on your vacation!
  • Get in touch via our contact page, stating when you'd like to do the tour and for how many people.
Small-group Semmering Hiking Tour
Small groups (max 8 people)
Currently unavailable
  • Approx 4hr alpine forest hike along the route of world's oldest mountain railway - the UNESCO listed Semmeringbahn
  • Accompanied by a dedicated native english-speaking guide
  • Spectacular photo opportunities in all seasons
  • Escape the city and breath in mountain fresh alpine air. This wellness tour is designed to benefit both the body and mind
  • Be active and stay in shape on your vacation!
viaduct over the semmering railway

Approx 8am - Meet & tour begins
We meet at the main entrance of Vienna’s central railway station, the ‘Hauptbanhof’, for initial introductions before boarding the train. Head to the u-bahn station ‘Wien Hauptbanhof’ on the U1 red line – see the map below for full details of how to get there.
Train ride to Semmering
The train journey to Semmering, a famous skiing mountain near Vienna, takes around an hour and a half, so we have plenty of time to talk about the upcoming hike and to get to know each other better en route.
Semmering to 20 Schilling Blick
The first stage of our hiking route takes us from Semmering to what is arguably the most famous & spectacular viewpoint of the entire railway, one that was immortalised on the old 20 schilling note used in Austria before they adopted the euro.
Onwards to the Kalte Rinne Viaduct
Perhaps the most impressive visual spectacle along the entire Semmering Railway (and there’s a lot of competition in this category!) is the mighty two-tiered Kalte Rinne Viaduct. While railway enthusiasts may already be aware of this magnificent feat of engineering, anyone can appreciate how beautifully it has blended with nature, thanks to the visionary designer, Carl von Ghega.
Lunch at hike's end!
We stop for much deserved refreshments at a traditional Austrian restaurant, where beer is served – hooray!
Slow train back to Vienna
Our return journey back to Vienna encompasses the rest of the mountain railway and its views at a nice steady pace. We’ll get back to Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof around 5pm.

To hike these picturesque mountain trails in the Austrian alps from Vienna, please get in touch via our contact page to discuss the options for a private tour.


The meeting time and point for the Semmering Railway tour is the main entrance of Vienna's 'Hauptbanhof' train station. This is very easy to reach using taxis, uber, or trams depending on your location. However, the simplest way is to jump on the u-bahn (underground/metro). Specifically, get on the U1 red line in the direction of Oberlaa, and get off at 'Hauptbanhof-Südtiroler Platz'. Go upstairs to the main concourse level and walk outside to the main entrance (the one with the big clock and the words 'Wien Hauptbahnhof' on the glass wall above the doors.

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