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Personally curated wine tours from Vienna in the best Austrian wineries

Vienna is surrounded by world class wine regions in all directions. From the Wachau Valley to the west, the Weinviertal to the north, and Burgenland and the Thermal Region to the south. No matter what your level of interest or experience in Austrian wines, our selection of wine tours from Vienna covers it all. We offer wine hiking tours, wine biking tours, and wine kayaking tours. Each of these are designed to showcase to you a different Austrian wine region, with their unique varietals, people, terroir and landscapes. We only visit small, boutique Austrian wineries old and new, from centuries old Vienna Heurigen to modern bio-dynamic wine-makers, and everything between. We look forward to sharing time with you for an exploration into Austrian viticulture.

Our wine culture

The approach I take in developing our wine tours is always to try and connect visitors to a region through a combination of outdoor activities and intimate Austrian wine tastings. I understand what it means to ‘get’ the ‘terroir’ of a region, so I bring people right into the heart of it to create lasting positive associations between a wine and its origin. I specialize in slow wine travel, I guess. It helps that I developed my expertise in wine here in Austria, where much of modern-day production is organic, or pretty well close to it. With a strong commitment to sustainable farming and respect for the environment, I’m proud to showcase the work of our partners and friends who work their butts off in the vineyards and cellars every year to create some of the best small-batch Austrian wines that are hard to find elsewhere.

The Venture Vienna Selection


wine tours from vienna to the vienna woods
Small-group and Private Tours from Vienna


The original Venture Vienna Tour is our Vienna Woods Wine Hike, which takes you just half an hour south of the capital for a lovely walk through the forested trails of the Vienna Woods and the vineyards of Lower Austria's Thermal Region (winter itineraries also available). This is followed by a wonderfully intimate and very detailed Austrian wine tasting in one of the oldest and most historic wine villages of Gumpoldskirchen. If hiking your way to wine is your thing, and you prefer to have your feet firmly planted on the ground, then this is probably the wine tour for you!


young couple drinking wine in the wachau valley
Private Tour from Vienna


The Wachau Valley is a well known destination for wine tours from Vienna, but these usually involve a visit to Melk Abbey, and a boat ride down the river, surrounded by other tourists throughout and often missing the beauty of just being in the valley. Of course, we tried to think outside of the box here too, so what better way to experience this world-class white wine region than by kayaking through it on the Danube River? For experienced paddlers only, this wine tour from Vienna brings you right into the heart of nature like nothing else.


wine tour from vienna to burgenland through poppy fields
Private Tour from Vienna


The Neusiedlersee lake in Burgenland is around one hour by train from Vienna, and it is arguably Austria's most complete wine region. Able to satisfy even the most hardened of wine critics with its red, white and dessert wines, Burgenland also has wonderful nature and bird life, the sunniest and warmest climate in Austria, and quiet bike paths passing through countless vineyards. This makes it a wonderful choice for those of you who love to ride and who enjoy big horizons in this country that is otherwise full of mountains!


man drinking wine on a wine day trip from vienna
Private Tour from Vienna


About an hour north of Vienna, where the Iron Curtain once separated East from West during the Cold War, our Moravian Wine & Bike Tour takes you to the wonderful town of Mikulov on the Czech/Austrian border. Of all the hidden gems to visit from Vienna, Mikulov has to be the most deserving of more recognition! Fantastic wines, a beautiful town center and quiet bike paths are just some of the reasons why we rattled our brains to come up with this really unique bike tour along the borderlands!
These tours sound great but I'd rather just focus on the wineries and the Austrian wine tastings without the activities. Can they be adapted?

Here at Venture Vienna, we usually like to incorporate a little activity with each of the tours and day trips that we offer. However, we also understand that some people prefer to take it easy and focus entirely on the wine, or that some of you may be recovering from injury, or you’re just not that bothered about cycling, kayaking or walking, and you prefer not to have to earn your wine! That totally works for us to, so just get in touch via our contact page to discuss options for amending any elements of the tour that you’d prefer to skip or adapt in some way.

Equally, while we offer kayaking in the Wachau, biking in Burgenland, and hiking through the Vienna Woods, with a little creativity from our side, we could mix and match activities and regions to give you the ultimate Austrian wine tour experience. Biking and hiking in the Wachau are also wonderful, for example, and the same goes for all of our chosen regions.

I don't drink, but I've heard a lot about these places. Can I still visit with you?

Oh, and non-drinkers please keep in mind that all of our wine tours from Vienna can be booked privately, and are therefore easily adapted for people with more interest in visiting the landscapes, after all, wine is typically grown in very beautiful parts of the world! All of the places we take you to on our wine tours from Vienna are each standalone destinations with plenty of things to do without the grapes! So if wine tasting in Austria isn’t your thing, but you still want to tour with us, then just get in touch.

I don't know anything about wine, should I still join your tours?

Absolutely, yes! Having little to no knowledge or experience with wine is probably even more reason why you should join us! We understand that wine can get a bit technical at times, and I think that alone that can put a lot of people off expressing their opinions about the wines they taste. That’s a real shame though, because having fun and a bit of a laugh all while enjoying and learning about great wine is a very cool way to connect oneself back to nature as well. So, yeah, wine snobbery here at Venture Vienna doesn’t really fly as it just puts up unnecessary barriers to entry into the wine world. Wine should be inclusive, so we’ve actually created some wine guides for beginners over at the Travel Tortoise, so check them out if you’re still a bit of a wine newb and you’re after straightforward introductions to some of the main varieties and terms.

winery visit in austria
Just hanging out in a centuries old wine cellar

More reasons to book Austrian wine tastings with us...

Personal Austrian Wine Tastings

Tired of impersonal tasting rooms and pressure to buy wines? That is absolutely not what our tours, nor Austrian wine tastings, are about. We cultivate a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and we always do our utmost to get you an audience with the wine makers themselves (harvest time can be a bit tricky though!), so that they can tell you their stories themselves. This direct access is one of our proudest points of difference, as is the intimate nature of your wine experiences with us, far from the madding crowd.

Off-the-beaten-track wine tours from Vienna

Many of the best Austrian wineries and regions often aren’t the easiest places to get to without a car. We've spent a long time researching and developing the most innovative and unique ways to showcase these harder-to-reach wine villages to you, in as sustainable and planet friendly way as possible. Other companies use the phrases 'sustainable' and 'off-the-beaten-track' - but here at Venture Vienna we're experts at solving logistical problems while staying true to our green philosophy, so when we say it, we mean it!

Brilliant guides & the best Austrian wineries

Our staff have integrity, knowledge, adaptability, charm and humour - and we've been leading wine tours in Austria for many years. We've worked wine harvests, we keep learning and we keep drinking (despite how bad that sounds!). We know the difference between good and not so good Austrian wineries, and how it makes you feel when you are truly engaged by someone, and their work. We give you native English-speaking, award winning guides to accompany you on your Austrian wine tasting journey!